Inherent Resolve

aka Size Of A Drone

Patryk Senwicki
Ferdinand Doblhammer

Augmented Reality Experience

For us as human beings, it is hard to grasp the effects that abstract processes have on the real. With Inherent Resolve we take the MALE RPAS Drone – a drone that is going to be used by the EU – and create an intimate experience bringing it into a private space. It makes the drone tangible, real. A deadly weapon situated in the temporary, looming for its prey.

In this Augmented Reality experience the user is confronted with an original sized Drone. Bits of data are surrounding the airplane, they are genuine, leaked IMSI codes of persons tracked smartphones.

Criatech Festival
Aveiro, Portugal

In the Kitchen - Visionen der Medienkunst 10
Medienwerkstatt, Vienna, Austria

Inherent Resolve - Augmented Reality Experience of a life sized wardrone

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