Ferdinand Doblhammer is a media artist and designer, specializing in augmented reality, reactive objects and performances. He is currently based in Vienna_

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Exhibitions & Performances ↓

2023 Finals 2023 – Galerie Krinzinger Schottenfeld
Vienna, Austria

2022 Criatech Festival
Aveiro, Portugal

2022 The Sensation of Biting Into a Peach And Letting The Juice Run Down Your Chin 
Dock 11
Berlin, Germany

2022 Angewandte Festival 
Angewandte Performance Lab
Vienna, Austria

2021 In the Kitchen - Visionen der Medienkunst 10
Vienna, Austria

2021 Kultursommer
Vienna, Austria

2020 Parallel Vienna,
Vienna, Austria

2020 "OK&Jetzt"
12-14 contemporary
Vienna, Austria

2019 Reflecting Records
Jot 12
Vienna, Austria

Biography ↓

Ferdinand Doblhammer, born 1996, works in the fields of media art, music and design. His works deal with data security in an environment of constantly growing virtualization, the thereby provoked borders and border crossings. He tries to point out problems regarding media policies in our nowadays world through the usage of augmented reality, video and installation. Since 2021 he is realizing interdisciplinary performances together with the dancer and choreographer Lea Karnutsch, situated between dance and media art and co-founded the collective „Flip the Coin. Ferdinand Doblhammer took part in several exhibitions, for example at Gallerie Krinzinger, Criatech Festival Aveiro (PT), at Parallel Vienna 2020, the series Ok&Jetzt at the 12-14contemporary Gallery Vienna and at the Medienwerkstatt Wien. In 2019 he worked with Chico MacMurtrie on the „border crosser performances, which were shown in New York, Munich and Vienna. He studied at the class of digital arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna led by Ruth Schnell and finished with his diploma work "Sibling Inference". As a musician he performed i.E. in Leicester, Budapest and Berlin and released music on various labels in UK and the US.


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